Become A Networking Wizard!

Danny sat down with me at the local coffee shop.

He had hired me to help coach him with a problem he’s had for a while.

You see, He’s in sales and he has a dirty little secret- he needs to close more deals.

No one would know he hasn’t closed a deal in awhile. He is in about 7 different networking groups. Has plenty of business cards and follow up coffees but nothing ever seemed to get him closer to the type of clients he wanted and the deals he needed.

We discussed his approach to sales, his current mindset, and the networking groups he’s attending.  

In 2 short months with some focused coaching, Danny adjusted his networking practice and opportunities popped up and deals started to close more rapidly.

Some of the tips I gave Danny were tailored to his sales process but some were things Danny knew but wasn’t putting into practice.  That made me think I should share them here.

Join me in a series of articles on Become a Networking Wizard in the coming weeks.

As someone who has attended and hosted many networking events, I have compiled some wisdom for those who have to dip their toe in the various networking ponds, for those who are networking with little to no results, and for those who know they have to get out there more, but dread it.

So which topic should I share first? Answer in the comments with the one that peaks your curiosity:

Getting Out There

Networking with a Purpose

Finding the Right Business Connection

Listening for the Opportunity

Asking for the Business

Testing the ROI

There’s plenty of advice out there, these tips should give you something to put in practice during this networking season.