The Key to a Successful Pivot


"Finish Strong", the mantra cycled repeatedly in my brain as I worked late into the night. These words meant something to me, to my companies and many of my employees over the years. It represented a philosophy, a commitment.

The first time I adopted "Finish Strong" was my freshman year in college. I had worked 3 jobs to save up enough money to get there. I was sitting in my dorm, textbooks on my desk and I was about to embark on a journey of learning, life, love and many, many lessons.

For the first time, I cared about my grades. It mattered whether or not I learned what I needed to learn for my career ahead.

"Finish Strong", I clenched my fists. Follow through is difficult for many. Starting something, coming up with the idea and the resources needed are the easy part (or so people say!) but actually delivering on the outcomes is truly the hardest part.

In order to PivotUp!, this mantra needs to become something you take on. Finish strong, don't burn bridges, help others, and take pride in your work. Do these small things and big changes will occur.

As a high school teacher, I repeated this mantra in many different forms over and over to freshman English classes or with my Speech and Debate kids when they were performing and competing. Teaching young people and developing lesson plans taught me so much about Follow Through and what makes people fall off track or become motivated to challenge themselves.

In Pivotup!, Follow Through is a key element of the first traits of a pivot. If you don't finish what you started, you can't get yourself to the next level easily. Being known as someone who follows through builds a reputation that precedes you!

Here's my challenge:

Look at your obligations (and I will do the same) and make a list of what you need to do to Follow Through that opportunity. Cross off a few items that seem to overwhelm you, and you deem not worth it. Those are the ones you politely say "No" to and focus on the next steps for the ones you do want to Finish Strong.

Check back on that list monthly to make sure you are staying on track. Perhaps put a daily reminder up somewhere to remind you to stay focused!

Kim Kleeman