Side Hustlers Drive It Home


If someone is talking about their side hustle, listen closely and you'll learn something- like what work ethic looks like. And, how hard work pays off! 

Whenever someone complains to me about a specific generation, I tend to start thinking of people I know whose age fits that range. And I look puzzled.

I know 65 year olds starting tech companies. I know 22 year olds running meal delivery service companies. I know 45 year olds leaving the corporate world to make their own way- and see their kids more.

It's not a generational thing- it's a wave of "Designing Life" the way that works best for you.

Need more money? Get a side hustle.

Can't quit your day job due to insurance? Build something in your free time.

Want to fulfill a passion? Start a hobby- if you're really good, it can become a career.

Drive is an internal motivator leading you in a focused way to your goal. It is the single engine powering your dreams.

Some people have Drive naturally. Others have no idea how to tap into Drive in their own self. Doers know how to do this on their own. They figure out a healthy way to achieve their goals. Life doesn't just happen to Doers. They make plans and work to that goal.

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."-- Norman Vincent Peale. This quote is my mantra when I am worried at the start of something new- progression will happen if you just...begin.

Here's a few ideas if you're looking to start a side hustle.

Gig economy jobs- 

➡ like driving an Lyft or delivering food for DoorDash

Building a dream-

➡ Starting a business or partnering to make something no one has seen before.

Indulging a passion- 

➡ Try join a choir that works hard to be the best, they may get a paid appearance over the holidays or try your hand at sailing for the first time and figure out how to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

No matter the reason to start a side hustle, just do it! If you are asking yourself, how Robert got ahead so fast. The truth is he was working while you were sleeping, or binge watching Netflix again.....

Side hustles solve problems:

💰to make money to pay off debt

💰build something from scratch until it can self- sustain and make revenue

💰give you more flexibility to see your family

Drive is a core element of a side hustle- no boss or parent to push you. It only grows if you give it attention.....So,what are you waiting for? Make your dreams happen today!

To my Side Hustlers....

Provide some wisdom to those exploring this option:

What problems does your side hustle solve?

Kim Kleeman