Readying for Change


In my first company, after a year of growth, we decided to expand our offices and build it out the way we worked best.

The reality of any moving, remodeling or construction project, is that there are many unexpected twists and turns. There are moving parts constantly developing hiccups along the way. There is literally no way to prepare yourself for what the experience is like. It was better if we focused on staying flexible, expecting the unexpected and taking it as a challenge and not looking at it as a problem. That perspective saved us many hours of frustration.

In fact, in most aspects of life, Readying for Change is one of the first steps in a positive pivot.

If you can get your mindset into the right place, there's many more opportunities to take advantage of in the process of transition. If you flail around every time something new comes past your plate, you will have a hard time accepting change in life.

Ways to Ready for Change

One of the best things I did in that office move, was hire a GM to handle all aspects of the buildout and assigned my top manager to handle the timeline and internal aspects of moving employees, computers, and keep maximum productivity going. What a challenge it was!

Early on in the process we began to share the plan with the staff in order to Ready them for the imminent change. No need to fear the move, we had all parts covered.

Here are a few ways you can become ready where you are now.

➡ If you are in limbo: Try taking a short walk every day somewhere you haven't been before. Noticing new things, new perspectives and allowing yourself to breathe through it all gives your brain a signal that new things are coming it's way.

➡ If you want to change but are afraid: Talk to someone who has done it. Get a mentor or a coach. No need to go it alone!

➡ If you are mid- change and exhausted: Start writing 3 things you're grateful for every morning. It's like a shot in the arm, after awhile. It keeps you grounded and gives you positive things to focus on.

➡ If you know a change is coming: Start small shifts rather than using coping mechanisms like avoidance, denial or sabotage. These small shifts can be personal, they can be the start of the process of change by making a plan or having a conversation with someone who will be affected. These small steps lead to big changes eventually.

Focus Forward

We gave updates to our office, shared photos of the interiors and even communicated on delays so our staff stayed in the loop. This kept the drama to a minimum.

If you are Ready for Change, try to focus forward and begin to make a plan for how that change might happen if you had all the control in the world. You don't and won't but making the best plan first, allows you to put it out in the universe and most of it may come true!

Stay Motivated

Once you are Ready for Change, figure out the best ways to motivate yourself and others to stay the course. “Finishing strong” must become the mantra, no matter what the bumps along the way felt like.

My offices looked amazing when they were finally completed. we strayed a bit out of budget (who doesn't?), but felt so proud and happy that we were able to grow our company even during that crazy time. Having our plan, asking for help, and staying focused helped with this major pivot in our lives.

Kim Kleeman