Pivoting Positively: Taking Risks and Kicking Ass! Part 2


Welcome Back! Read Pt. 1 here if you haven’t already! Now to dig into the Kick Ass Part!

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Pivoting without notice

Sometimes change happens with no warning. When a family member suddenly passes away, dealing with the aftermath makes us understand that nothing and nobody are truly safe from everything.

Changes occur in work and family, especially around this time of year. Interestingly, though, we seem to think our situation is unique and that it could never happen to us. But if the recession taught us anything at all, it is that it can happen and our global economy makes us susceptible to changes that we aren’t responsible for. These changes create bad stress. While such stress feels awful, it does help you to build resistance over time, or as my mother called it, “developing character”. While others call the build up of experiences- wisdom! It’s all how you choose to view it!

But the good stress comes from practicing stressful change with a larger understanding that risks can bring disappointment, rejection, or failure sometimes but that there are silver linings in many difficult transitions. Getting up and trying again, though, is what it’s really all about. And if it does work out—it takes a lot of effort to get and stay on track. Think of the payoff though! A new relationship. A promotion. True Love. An Adventure. Once you take the leap, you will have all types of things to work on—relationships, exposure to new cultures and tasks, new bosses or clients to please and a level of stress that may be different than before. Or it may be a relief. You’ll never know unless you leap. Some seek out the challenge. Are you one of those people?

Remember when you were a child and taking risks was part of life because everything was new? Don’t forget that you used to take risks without hesitating. Take a moment and recall good pivots that changed your life for the better. Write them down. Take time to acknowledge how that affected your life positively? Have you ever had one of those “why did I wait” moments?

I mean it, open a doc right now, or take out a notebook and write about a time you pivoted and it worked well for you. What did you feel? How has that affected your career or personal life?

My first personal pivot was a simple one, at a pretty young age. I was deathly afraid of rollercoasters going to into eighth grade. And of course the big eighth grade outing was a trip to the local Six Flags amusement park. Peer pressure and FOMO (Fear of missing out) motivated me to get on more than 10 rollercoasters that day. And I learned a lot for sure. I learned that I do like some rollercoasters but not all rollercoasters. I learned that it was much more fun to let go and let the ride take you. I learned that the long line for the ride (my favorite part because I could talk with everyone) was well worth the fear I felt two minutes before we got on. If I hadn’t taken the chance in eighth grade, I might still be the person who sits with everyone’s stuff and doesn’t have the thrill of the ride to remember!

In business, taking risks is part of the norm. Find some activities on your own time to help you get comfortable with being out of your comfort zone- dance classes, skydiving, or maybe ziplining!

Go on, try to pivot into something wonderful this year. Unsure of where to start? Try getting an accountability buddy, hire a coach to help you, or attend my workshop for an in-depth look at your skills and how to pivot into your intentions this year. Sign up here for the next session!

Encouraging you to Kick ass and Pivot Positively,


Kim Kleeman