Moving in a Motivated Manner


Find your Inspiration! 

That's the advice given to me when I was searching for my next career chapter almost 9 years ago. 

Find your inspiration, collect it in one place, and leverage it for your own motivation. 

Well, looking back I've created many spaces for inspirational energy to guide me in my day.

🏆Often times, my morning meditation on my favorite app Mindspace clears the way for mindful thinking. 

🏆Then I get my first cup of tea in the kitchen and come upon my daily calendar - years of Mary Engelbreit's warm artwork and inspirational quotes makes each morning just a little bit better. 

🏆I move to my gratitude journal. Nothing makes me feel inspired more than the things and people I am grateful for and try to be a better person because of them. 

🏆If I'm lucky enough to get a workout in, my music is set to a playlist that not only works to keep me moving, but also send me messages of strength, love and the energy to tackle anything! 

And It stays with me in each conversation I have. Easy ones with friends and siblings. Hard ones when putting out fires. Critical ones when working with clients and teams to accomplish a goal. 

But if my morning routine is interrupted-- by a sick child who needs attention or an early morning commute to reach a meeting-- then I need to find my inspiration somewhere else. 

And that's usually in two places- My Pivotup! community- Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups

I would love to have you join us there!

Kim Kleeman