Flying Solo


When you ask someone the definition of this word, they usually recall a time that was difficult. They can describe the words with strong emotional inflection.

Why? Because that’s when perseverance skills do the hard work - pulling you through a time when shock, depression, grief, head down working to a goal.

When you look back at those times, most of those feelings come rushing back- how hard it was, how long it took, how many dead ends or side trips happened trying to get to the place you want to be.

Perseverance, though, is also a companion to patience.

Patience is the practice of perseverance. Usually in a pivot, this comes during the “limbo” or waiting period. The hardest part for some is waiting for the timing to be right in a pivot.

So how do you hone this skill when you are in a stagnant or calm period in your life?

➡ Well, perseverance can be used to plan your pivot in great detail.  

➡ Steady Progress is the best way to practice perseverance- whether it’s writing your first article for LinkedIn or trying something new or working towards that dream promotion.

➡ Make time for this transition and be Ready for Change so you don’t slide back into old habits.

Practicing Perseverance using Steady Progress

☑ Start with milestones and celebrate those milestones along the way

☑ Try something new that’s fun- like an art class or learning a new language for an upcoming trip- getting out of your comfort zone often reminds yourself that you can achieve something new.

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Kim Kleeman