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Kim Kleeman is an entrepreneur specializing in creating growth for individuals and companies. As CEO of Sunbeam Marketing Solutions, a Partner in the tech accelerator elmspring housed at 1871 in Chicago, and Editor of the Chicagoland DealFlow Report, Kim draws on over 20 years’ experience in marketing, publishing, digital and strategic direction. She was named one of Crain’s 40 Under 40 in 2008, and grew her first company 800%, earning it a place on the Inc 500 list. A former teacher, award winning debate and speech coach, and serial startup entrepreneur, Kim understands how to pivot herself and others. She has spent the last 5 years mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, creating the PivotUp! program as a way of sharing her knowledge of the front lines of business to create positive impact with as many individuals and companies as possible.

Kim Kleeman’s PivotUp! is a completely new approach to obtaining and building your personal and professional growth goals. Using technology and personal mentoring, Kim helps individuals and leadership teams uncover and monetize skill sets, design their bigger picture, and determine if they have what it takes to pivot up to the next level. The PivotUp! platform and online curriculum is a flexibly structured program that provides authentic knowledge within an actionable program for everyday practice.

Kim graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor in English and Education. A native Chicagoan (and Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks fan) she lives with her husband and three children. Reading and connecting like-minded people are two of her favorite past times.

Kim is the Chicago ambassador for the GUILD, a women's networking platform based in San Francisco.  Join her on March 8th  for the   invitation-only GUILD-Chicago launch event, hosted at elmspring.

Kim is the Chicago ambassador for the GUILD, a women's networking platform based in San Francisco. Join her on March 8th for the invitation-only GUILD-Chicago launch event, hosted at elmspring.


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What people are saying

Great motivational speaker while remaining practical & goal-oriented. When we talked about steps and opportunities, it made me think, finding an opportunity isn’t a step, if you don’t make it one.
Goals! Goals! Goals! Clarity and direction is essential and taking it to the next level by truthful self-evaluation of skills, likes, dislikes...... goals alone are not enough - Love these teachings!
Best session I attended. All of it was good. The stories, the 30,60,90 days… all of it. I joined her Facebook Group after to stay engaged.
The thing about PivotUp! is it gets you back in touch with what you are made of and the skills that you have that developed your career. It gets you to think on your feelings and emotionally—connect with your skills, the good and the bad. Through research and programs you discover what makes you excited and what doesn’t, this is incredibly powerful information!
Kim is a great mentor and coach. She is not judgmental, she is supportive and had great constructive ideas to help you get out of your own way. She is open to hearing your fears and concerns; she just won’t build a campfire and sit there with you, she will challenge you. She will challenge your wall that you have put up and she will challenge the limitations you put on yourself.
Really good straight forward steps to take to determine/identify pivot and how to get there. I liked how hands-on it was. The worksheets are really helpful to make us think and act on change.
PivotUp! is all about helping you achieve your highest potential. In order to do that, you must learn to roll with the punches; to adapt. That’s what PivotUp! has taught me. PivotUp! has helped me maximize my business potential by providing logical steps to achieve my end goals while keeping me inspired and motivated.
Kim’s interaction with the participants was fabulous!
I am forever grateful that PivotUp! came into my life when it dId and how it has helped me own myself and my abilities to the point where I applied for, and got an interview, for a job I would have never ever thought I was close to capable of, nor did I think they would look at my skills and see any kind of match. I was wrong!! Without this program I would not be reaching for stars I would be clinging to the ground. I highly recommend this program for anyone at any age that is looking to make a change in their life. Take the leap. I did, and I can’t believe how far I have come!!
I have not worked for ten years. Because it had been so long since I had worked, I had forgotten that I had any skills. I didn’t think I could do anything but an entry level job at Walmart or McDonalds. When I heard about PivotUp! from Kim I was immediately intrigued. I started working with her and discovered that I had whole set of skills that I either didn’t recognize or had forgotten. In talking and working through the steps of the program I actually started believing that I could have a better than entry level minimum wage paying job. Through my constructive work with PivotUp! I started to believe in myself and connect my likes and dislikes. This program makes you evaluate where you are at. It makes you look at your skill set and discover what is missing, and then devise a plan to fill in the gaps.